Mailing List Giveaway Winners!

July 14, 2015 1 Comment

We started off our mailing list with a giveaway contest: Where's Your Sticker?  Participants were asked to take a picture of their -=BRS=- sticker and we picked our favorite.  Those who did not have a sticker were eligible for a random drawing to win a -=BRS=- sticker pack.  We and are happy to announce the winners:

Cpfrombv Balisongs had this sweet picture of his sticker with his Alpha Beast and Replicant.

Heath M. won the -=BRS=- Sticker Pack

Congrats to the winners and if you weren't part of this comp no worries!  We plan to run giveaways regularly, but be sure to be part of our mailing list so you don't miss out.  

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March 14, 2016

When is the next giveaway?

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BRS short film. The #flashfilm format of filming is awesome.  It spontaneous.  It requires no planning.  It calls for freestyle flipping and filming.  Sometimes you get your best moments within this mind frame.  

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Check out this BRS Alpha Beast review by SirBilliam.  Sir Billiam was one of the Bali Royal Judges at Blade Show 2017.  He's been part of the balisong community from its early roots and has stuck with the progression of the sport.  He definitely knows a thing or two about flipping and the balisongs used within the flipping community.  

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