What is your warranty policy?
Are any of your products discontinued?
  • None of our production products have been discontinued.
  • There will be more of everything, and new projects and styles of our current line up.

Will you disassemble balisongs and ship internationally?

  • No.  Unfortunately customs laws and regulations prohibits us from shipping outside of the United States.  Currently we are not offering international shipping for other products, but are working towards a solution.

What other knives do -=BRS=- make?

  • We are developing folders and fixed blades. They are not distracting us from making balisongs and have been part of our plan for several years. As an aside they are also awesome. ;)

Why are you often out of stock?

  • The balisongs take a while to build, its just part of the nature of the beast (no pun).
  • You can call retailers and tell them to order more if you feel they never seem to have our stuff in stock. Let them know their ordering behavior isnt strong enough to meet demand. This is good for several reasons, but the principal one is that it shows them the audience for our stuff is growing and that the interest in balisongs in general is stronger then before.
  • Ideally, we would like to shrink the wait times down in between runs and orders and have been working on ways to accelerate the process.

Can I have a free balisong?

  • No, you may not have a free balisong. I'm sorry you aren't in a position to buy one however keep your eyes peeled for any official GAW that would be the one way to land one for free. There was one customer of ours who let us know just how many lawns he had to mow to get his first Replicant... be that guy, get out there and work for what you want.

I contacted -=BRS=- on (facebook, instagram, a forum) but never heard back, will I get a reply?

  • No, its not scalable to answer every DM, IM, or comment on a picture and individually issue release information or dates to each person who's asking. We would love to because we really love interacting with the community, but its much more efficient to talk to everyone in mass via our posts or direct mail. Again, we don't not answer because we are snotty, its because its nearly physically impossible too and general posts and announcements are much more efficient.

When is next -=BRS=- film being released?

  • We are still making production videos, they will show up here and there and we hope you enjoy them.  We enjoy making them and flipping with groups of talented flippers and new flippers alike is always something we really look forward to.

Will you have more tee shirts and other gear available?

  • Yes, we will have more T-shirts and Hoodies! New designs and perhaps re-running some oldschool stuff as well!
Does -=BRS=- make a trainer? 
  • After OVERWHELMING amounts of inquiry, we are pleased to announce we do! The BareBones Trainer has been added to our lineup.

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