BladeRunnerS Systems began with two members of the knife community who wanted to see a concept product become available in the open market for fellow knife enthusiasts to enjoy. With resounding support, projects were green lit  and the first few of those early balisongs made their way from dream to reality. It’s a feeling that has never subsided... taking concepts, feedback, hard work and innovation and turning it into something tangible that people can truly experience.

It was early in 2012 that BRS became Incorporated and our small grassroots company took on growth and new challenges to meet the demand for our products. Our goal has always been to create high performance balisongs, knives and gear with the design philosophy centered around balance, precision and quality. Now that mission lives on with the BRS E-Volve line.  

'We joined together to create, to choose a direction and message that will constantly bring progress to the industry. It's these core elements that have always been a part of our philosophy, and will continue to be. "  Edward Anthonis - Founder

BRS E-Volve

With the E-Volve line, we are looking to feature premium designs, build quality and materials without the premium price tag.  Merging craftsmanship with access. We are using the connections, tools and knowledge we have built, over several years and several successful projects, to offer more to the knife community than ever before. In exploring new concepts, new materials and working with the best this industry has to offer, we are presenting more and new products while carrying the same values in new and exciting directions.  

"The market disruptive approach is what makes the E-Volve line different.  There is no sense to duplicate effort and we want our own ascetic, feel and value.  That defines the foundation of all our products. These are the attributes upon which our brand is built and from which we aspire to earn the patronage of our customers." Lawrence Ho - Founder

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