The E-Volve Series

The next chapter of BRS knives has begun. We are excited to introduce the E-Volve Series of knives.

E-Volve knives will feature some of the most creative and exciting designs and features while maintaining excellent value to the customer. We believe it will be a continuation of the excitement and awesome user experience found in BRS products our audience is familiar with. E-Volve models will seek to cover a lot of ground in design choices from excellent everyday carry (EDC),  custom hardware from pivots to pocket clips, aggressive but functional blade profiles, and knife handle shapes that retain great ergonomics.

Four models are set for delivery in the immediate future with exciting collaborations with some renowned custom knife makers in the works. It is a very exciting time for BRS and we are excited to bring you along the E-volution!


Our goal has always been to create high-performance balisongs, knives, and gear with the design philosophy centered around balance, precision, and quality.

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