Minuteman will always have a special place in the E-volve lineup as it is the debut knife of the new evolve division of BRS knives. We discovered the Minuteman when we met the owners of Blackstone Valley Knives, Pat and John at a local knife show.

Pat and John were relatively new to the Custom Knife Market at the time but were quickly designing knives that stood out significantly. Their designs offered a very unique blend of hard angles and aggressive stances while maintaining full functionality that you would expect from a great knife.

Minuteman is an exemplary example of combining all of these design elements. On First Look Minuteman is a very eye-catching knife with its unique blade shape and milled handle contours. Since the Minuteman  uses an unique oblong oval to open the blade by means of middle finger, index finger, or thumb there is no flipper tab or thumb stud to distract from the excellent flowing lines of the knife’s profile. The pivot system is bearing driven and offers and extremely smooth deployment. The handle as well as a pocket clip are machined titanium. Every edge of the knife is chamfered and contoured for maximum comfort even the oval in the blade for opening features a micro chamfer.

Minuteman truly speaks to the evolve design philosophy in combining distinction and functionality.

The OverWatch has a very robust build and design profile. We designed the blade of the OverWatch to have an aggressive sweep on the spine and swedge while the edge of the knife offers a long functional curve. The look really compliments the handles contours and at the same time is an excellent cutter and slicer. The pivot is bearing driven with a custom machined, titanium pivot. The clip is machined titanium and contoured for comfortable carry in the hand or in the pocket.

The Overwatch locking system is a titanium frame lock with a steel lock bar insert. OverWatch deploys by means of a flipper tab optimally positioned for fast and reliable opening of the blade. The spacer is also uniquely machined to fit the overall look and feel of the knife.

OverWatch is a knife that feels overbuilt but is not over the top making it an attractive and functional EDC for all types of users.

With all E-Volve knives we want to blend a unique look and optimal functionality, Apache is no exception.

When developing the Apache we went with a broader taller overall profile in the handle as well as a blade. The blade is a hybrid broadleaf and spear point style blade. It features contoured grooves to blend perfectly with the design elements of the handle scales. The handle features broad contoured edges for maximum comfort with a herringbone milling pattern for the best grip. The pivot is  the centerpiece of the knife, a tri-point rotor style pivot featuring the same milling pattern of the knife handles and anodized in a eye catching red. The machine titanium clip is extended for optimum carry remaining unobtrusive in pocket. The backspacer matches the red pivot to merge the theme of the design throughout the entire knife.

From tip to end the design concept of the Apache is uninterrupted.


The Fragment’s primary purpose was to be an excellent, small footprint, and extremely functional small folder.

Fragment features a wharncliffe blade which is highly functional in a multitude of cutting tasks. The handles fit the overall aggressive straight line profile of the blade but feature a contoured bottom and cut out for the index finger as well as excellent jimping for the thumb to ride on for detail cutting.

One of the most distinctive features of the fragment is its deployment system. The knife is opened by placing the thumb on top of the hexagonal front flipper tab. Striking downward on the tab (much like operating a lighter) quickly deploys the blade and places the thumb and fingers in a position to immediately use the knife.

The Fragment currently comes in two handle variants: One all titanium and the other is anodized olive drab green titanium with carbon fiber inlays. The pivot system is bearing driven and the clip is a machine piece of steel for maximum durability and strength.

The Fragment may be small but offers a wide array of functionality. It will quickly prove to be an essential part of any EDC rotation.

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