It started with a VISION.  

Before any -=BRS=-  knife was made we were already deeply engaged in the knife community.  Balisong manipulation at the time was in its early stage of advancement (circa 2008).  Everything was new: the tricks, the competition format, the way the community engaged, and how flippers learned from each other.  Even Youtube at the time was a relatively new medium to share developments within the art and sport of flipping.  We were actively creating at the time;  Inventing tricks, developing competition formats, structuring better ways to film and engage the community.  However, one thing was noticeably absent and that was a purpose and performance driven knife that served the needs of the flipping community.               

"BRS is as much an art form as it is a knife and gear company.  Everything within BRS is influenced by our backgrounds, interests, experiences, and history.  The products we design and manufacture are very personal to this foundation."  - Edward Anthonis (CEO, Co-founder BRS)

DETERMINATION: For flippers by flippers.

-=BRS=- Founders Ed and Lawrence wanted to create a knife that had the balance, dimensions, and handling characteristics that suited competitive flipping.  No knife at the time was built from this foundation and with this initiative.    

Just as any other sport has purpose-built equipment, we believed flipping should be no different. Our first model The Alpha Beast was developed by combining all the elements important to flipping gathered through our own experiences as flippers as well as feedback from the community.  From there models Replicant and Barebones, as well as the Trainer, were developed to cater to different flipping styles and preferences while maintaining the high level of quality and performance of its predecessor in Alpha Beast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "Our goal has always been to create high-performance balisongs, knives, and gear with the design philosophy centered around balance, precision, and quality." - Lawrence Ho (VP, Co-founder BRS)




PROGRESSION was always in our sight picture.

Bladerunners SYSTEMS.  Even our name is purpose built.  As passionate as we are about balisongs, we have always been driven to build all types of high-quality knives and tools.  Knives and tools are the premise that drew us into the niche of balisongs and the sport of flipping.  Flipping and balisongs will always be in our roots, but like roots, they can expand and reach beyond their origins and seed new ground.

 "We are Bladerunners SYSTEMS... The development of a system of knives and tools has always been our objective.  Balisongs laid the foundation to our ability to expand our creative process to make all other types of knives that adhere to our vision of performance and quality." - Edward Anthonis (CEO, Co-founder BRS)

COMMITMENT.  Continued support for the community from which we started.

Despite our continued growth, we still remain a very grassroots company.  We engage the community by working directly with members to develop competition dynamics, learning and training, supporting all active events, and highlighting activities and members who are actively progressing community ambitions.

"If you have a plan on how to progress the knife community, competitions, or anything, we want to hear about it and support it.  Beyond our products, we believe in a positive culture and lifestyle that comes from a great community.  We have developed so many great friendships, connections, and have engaged in so many positive events it has been incredible.  It is arguably one of the most rewarding aspects of being part of -=BRS=-." - Edward Anthonis (CEO, Co-founder BRS)

"The best part about what we do is the people who support us.  This community may be smaller comparatively, but the passion and drive and commitment is just as strong as any.  It's what keeps us motivated for sure.  We know many members of the community on a personal level and we like to think of ourselves just as we started: Two guys who simply love what they do and want to share it with everyone else."   Lawrence Ho (VP, Co-founder BRS)

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