March 28, 2019

So Blade show is coming up. Most know—this is a big deal of a show. And we’re gearing up accordingly. We’re again one of the major sponsors of the at times free-for-all known as Bali Comp. Registration opens soon, with forty-eight spots, and one Bali-Champion! All entries get swag—but top three get swag of the gods! June 7th-9th. We’ll post more info about FREE registration here, soon (by end of April). 
If you’re just learning, that’s cool, too. We’ll also be hosting a course where you can learn anatomy, history, and classic—and not so classic—tricks and flips from Blade HQ + BRS co-founder Lawrence Ho, directly. This’ll be an overall introduction to all things balisong. Learn: basic opening and closing, advanced moves (participation encouraged), how to string combos together (what is a combo, why are they important), and the BRS story. Then, after class, for a discounted price, take the very BRS Barebone trainer blade you’ve been learning on home. This is a rare opportunity, limited spots. Course’ll run an hour. We’ll get more info on this up soon—but seriously, this is where future Bali-Championship winners can jump in! 
Be on your best behavior, represent Flipping and our Culture in a positive way. Be courteous to all vendors and fellow attendees. 
Meanwhile, here’s a link to registration page for Blade Show itself. 
Set calendar: June 7th-9th, Atlanta. 

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November 12, 2017

BRS short film. The #flashfilm format of filming is awesome.  It spontaneous.  It requires no planning.  It calls for freestyle flipping and filming.  Sometimes you get your best moments within this mind frame.  

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BRS Alpha Beast Review by a Balisong Flipping Judge Himself

August 11, 2017 17 Comments

brs alpha beast review

Check out this BRS Alpha Beast review by SirBilliam.  Sir Billiam was one of the Bali Royal Judges at Blade Show 2017.  He's been part of the balisong community from its early roots and has stuck with the progression of the sport.  He definitely knows a thing or two about flipping and the balisongs used within the flipping community.  

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