December 29, 2018

BRS is proud to support veteran fighter and champion “Alpha” Cat Zingano on her quest to prepare for UFC232. No fight is easy, they all require tremendous dedication and hard work, both of which are not unfamiliar to Cat. She currently holds an MMA record of 10-3 and ranked 5th in her division. On Saturday, Dec 29, 2018 she will try to add another hard fought victory against opponent Megan Anderson.  
Cat has faced adversity both inside and outside the ring. Her tenacity and will have proven that she can overcome the most trying of circumstances. In the octagon she has defeated some of the worlds toughest fighters. Outside the ring she fights for mental health and suicide awareness with her “Fight to the Bone” charity and clothing line. Her ultimate goal is to raise both awareness and funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Consider helping out by learning about and joining her cause!
A true warrior at heart, with a will that never quits, “Alpha” Cat Zingano has proven she can #evolvetowin in the face of any adversity. We are excited to follow her journey, are we are looking forward to seeing her inaction during UFC232. We greatly appreciate Cat’s willingness to let us share her journey as a fighter in our #evolve blog series.  

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BRS short film. The #flashfilm format of filming is awesome.  It spontaneous.  It requires no planning.  It calls for freestyle flipping and filming.  Sometimes you get your best moments within this mind frame.  

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