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It's back!  The -=BRS=- Nanodashi is the ultimate EDC companion.  Small, lightweight, but also very stout and strong.  This little-edged tool will come in handy in a multitude of applications and features a chisel grind on 1/8"  S30V steel.  The scales are G10 for additional ergonomics and grip.  The top and bottom of the blade and scales have jimping toward the front to add extra grip.  The Nanodashi fits comfortably between the thumb and index fingers as it is contoured to fit this type of grip.  It still leaves a little extra room to use your middle finger so the grip is very solid in hand.   There are a number of applications where the Nanodashi could be used:  the new sheath is made of G10 featuring a pocket clip and much smaller and fits well into the spare change pocket or main pocket of a pair of jeans, it can also serve well as an add-on piece of kit to a range/gear bag.  The applications are endless.  A great way to keep a -=BRS=- product always by your side! 

- Length: 3 3/8"

- Blade Thickness: 5/32" (.156") 

- Scales 1/16"

- Height: 1/2"

- Cutting Edge: 7/8"

- Weight: 0.8 oz (without sheath) 1.5 oz (with sheath pictured)

- Blade Material: S30V

- Made in the USA 


NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP KNIVES INTERNATIONALLY.  Please check with our retailers to see if they offer international shipping to your country.

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