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We are excited to add BRS Alliance Member Namen Borras aka BKD (Borras Kustom Designs).  His debut product is a sprint, collab, run of his FooDog model fixed blade with special Green/Black Handle variants done specially for BRS.

Here is some additional info on the FooDog and BKD from the man himself!

In 2013, in an attempt to bring back American handmade products, I started custom leather tooling items such as wallets, key fobs and other one-off leather projects.  After establishing a small name in leather work, I was commissioned my first handmade knife to design a custom leather sheath. Unbeknownst at the time, this was the start of Borras Kustom Designs.  With the support of my Father, we decided to pursue making custom knives. From simple designs (like our original model, the BKD skinner for the everyday hunter) to what we have created today - the Japanese-inspired knife that we call the FooDog.

Our FooDog model was designed for one purpose - to be the “protector of the home”.  Who would have thought that such a simple design would touch so many in the way that we had intended.  Working with Blade Runners Systems has been a pleasure and we are proud to be a part of the BRS Alliance. Because of this Alliance, we decided to incorporate the toxic green color that BRS is known for in these special FooDogs that we are presenting today.  

This model is our classic FooDog design made with CPM S35vn.  It features a 3/16” blade, flat ground and stone wash finish. Overall length is 8” with a 4” cutting edge.  All of our blades are heat treated to 59-60 HRC and are cryo treated to guarantee optimal performance. Handle material consists of carbon fiber, G10 and carbon fiber hollow pins.  Quick deployment horizontal sheaths are made of Kydex and leather strap.

We dedicate ourselves from start to finish to provide exceptional quality that can be handed down for generations.  

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