Chuck G Mutants

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Circa: 2012 (March)

Artist: Chuck Gedraitis

Number Made: Run of 5

Owner(s): 4 units Undisclosed. 1 Unit with Yakuz Grind Trevor Oleary @oleary_761

Custom knife maker Chuck Gedraitis did a 5 run series of mutants using the Midtech Alpha beasts.  These particular Mutants along with other MIDTECH mutants are particularly rare since -=BRS=- no longer runs Midetech series Alpha Beasts.  Each one featured a different blade grind and some unique finishing touches to the handles and in some cases the spacers.

Two of the 5 got more drastic transformations at the buyers request.  One is the Alpha Fossil which is featured separately on our Mutant Registration page. The other is the Mutant Hybrid which was one of these 5 later also modified by Matt Cook (also featured separately within our site).  Both are shown here on this page prior to the more radical transformations.  

One sets this Mutant series apart is the very unique blade grinds done by Chuck G.  

A video by C.Wigums flipping his below:

Link to the original Jerzeedevil Thread about these Mutants for more history and info.


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