-=BRS=- Carbon Fiber SECURE (Locking) Case

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This BRS branded locking case by V.A.U.L.T. is ready to hold your knives and other gear in several configurations. Vault created a case with maximum modularity, so you can set it up in a way that's best for you!

Inside the 11" X 6.5" carbon fiber stylized case, you'll find a system of velcro FLEX Panels you can use to store your items securely.  Either weave your items into the strong elastic bands, or attach the clips of your knives to the weave itself.  With so many ways to use the case, it proves to be a great piece of kit!



- TSA Approved Combo Lock with re-settable code.

- 2 x Small Loop Panels.

- 2 x Small Medium Loop Panels.

- 1 x Large Medium Loop Panel.

- 1 x Large Buffer/Patch Panel.

- Shoulder Strap (Detachable).

Note: Knives and other items in pictures are NOT included.


Q) Are the panels removable?

A) Yes! Our system is designed so each panel can be removed, reconfigured, and/or replaced.  This allows maximum flexibility in how you EDC.

Q) How do you reset the lock code?

A ) There is a small reset button located on the top of the lock.  After you enter the correct code it can be pressed.  New cases are usually set at default code '000'.  While holding the button down a new code can be entered.

Q) Do you sell the panels separately?

A) Yes, Vault sells the panels separately on their website: www.vaultcase.co

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