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Early in the summer, my two sons Caleb and Wyatt, told them they wanted to earn money for video games, and also to save up for dirtbikes. They asked us if they could work for -=BRS=-. I asked them what they planned to do. They said they had done tie dye shirts as a project before and wondered if they make some -=BRS=- tie dye shirts and sell them on the website.

I thought it was industrious and pretty clever, I was happy that they wanted to earn the money for the things they wanted, and I was excited they were interested in the business and how things worked.

They handled the whole process with just a little help from my wife and I. We are proud to offer these to you, they are all unique one of a kind shirts. They are already asking what "special project" they can do next ;)

* The shirt pictured is the exact shirt you will receive based on your selection.

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