BRS Hyper Oil (Knife Lubricant)

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BRS Hyper Oil

Keep all of your BRS Blades at their optimal performance level  BRS Hyper Oil.

BRS Hyper Oil is specifically formulated for knife bearings, bushing, and washer pivot systems. Great for both fixed blade and folding knives  Experience the difference a quality blade oil can have on the performance and longevity your knives.  Hyper Oil has a long lasting formula that will keep your knives well lubricated with minimal application.  Each bottle has a needle tip applicator for easy and precise application with drop by drop control.

  • BRS Hyper Oil is specifically designed knife oil that maintains and lubricates bearings, bushings, washers, pivot systems.
  • Great for both Fixed Blade and Folding knives. Can be used to clean and protect blade as well as lubricate all bearings and pivot systems.
  • Long lasting formula will keep all your blades performing optimally with minimal application.
  • The leading formula for corrosion prevention.
  • 0.67 20ml  fluid ounces. Needle Tip Applicator.

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