-=BRS=- Bali Spindle

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Introducing the -=BRS=- Bali Spindle! 

The Bali Spindle is designed to be a small lightweight tool used to organize parts during maintenance. The two trays allow for seperation of hardware from each handle and it allows you to stack liners, scales, bushings and washers in the correct order. This allows you to reassemble your bali with the correct parts in the correct spot and the correct orientation. Rest easy knowing your parts won't fall into a black hole while using the Bali Spindle. 

Why does this matter?
Tolerances are a big deal, right? If you put a washer or bushing in the wrong spot, or the wrong way... your tolerances will be affected. Ideally everything should go back together in the exact the way they came out for best performance. Less time tinkering with a knife means more time flipping right?

What's special about the BRS collab version?
We decided on Orange as the color for this collab due to our roots in the JDBA (Jerzee Devil Balisong Alliance) and it being the color of JDBA members. Orange For Eric. Prior to Instagram and the age of Social Media, the JDBA is where we hosted competitions, posted product info, and interacted with members of the community. 

These Bali Spindles also include several unique stickers that you'll only be able to find with this version. BRS has always been about combining art and other hobbies into balisong culture. These stickers represent our brand and our love for art, table top games and again the JDBA. It also doesn't get more BRS than a tri-force and chevrons. The cherrypicker is a pretty sick trick; and #teambrs FeenXFire (Orange for Eric remember?) is the one credited for "inventing" the combo. 

Community Collabs Rock \m/
We like doing cool things with cool members of the community. It's been a blast to team up with Barkhandle and Zippybalisong and offer you guys this sick product that solves problems without breaking the bank.

Barkhandle has been a huge influence on the community for years; pumping out content in various forms including videos, music and written works. His knack for humour and keeping things fun has always been extremely refreshing.

Zippy Balisong is one of the most prominent modders in the game currently. He has mods available for almost every current balisong under the sun and his attention to detail is second to none.

Parts included
Bali Spindle tray
Info card
4x tooth picks
7x stickers

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