Barrel Spacer Kit (SS and Ti)

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Now you can further customize your AB with these branded BRS Barrel Spacers!

Each kit will contain 4 individual Barrel Spacers. You will need your existing hardware to install, the barrels simply slip onto the hardware after you remove the slab spacer. 

Remember, these spacers are for existing balisong that currently have slab style spacers. They do allow for a lot of different feels to your flipping experience, and can be mixed and matched as well with regard to material types (ie. one SS one Ti). They are however, product specific. You can also use just ONE spacer if that gives you the feel you want when flipping. 

We offer them in Titanium, and also SS, have a look at the specifications below:


AB Ti: 4 spacers / .049 oz

AB SS: 4 spacers / .085 oz

REP Ti: 4 spacers / .044 oz

REP SS: 4 spacers / .077 oz

BB Ti: 4 spacers / .044 oz

BB SS: 4 spacers / .077 oz



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