Circa: 2012 (March) - 2013 (June)

Artist: Chuck Gedraitis / Matt Cook

Number Made: One of 5

Owner(s): Undisclosed

This is part of the 5 original Chuck G Mutant run.  However, this one underwent a few transformations and created a bit of a story line.  Originally the owner wanted a green anodization.  Later this was changed to a blue anodization.  Then about a year and a half later this Mutant underwent a third transformation by Matt Cook taking on a totally new look with rounded handles, blue ano, with yellow ano chevrons.  

It's not normal that a Mutant would undergo this many changes and usually they would undergo transformation with one artist only.  But it is quite interesting to see the knife at various stages of it's life to take on its final form.  In the end it became a stunning Mutant Alpha Beast with a unique history.

Here is a close up video of the Indiglow next to it's brother the Fossil:

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