After you add the modifications to your cart and checkout successfully please follow the below steps:

1) Package your knife securely for shipping.  Do not include any original packaging.  We will require the knife only.  Do not disassemble your knife.

NOTE:  It is important that your packaging is SECURE for transit. Make sure to tape ALL edges, cover the knife a padded material (bubble wrap, foam peanuts, etc.).  

2) Print out your completed order receipt with all modifications purchased and include in the box with the knife(s).

3) Choose you carrier service and send to:

Blade Runners Systems
c/o Jonathan Merz
PO Box 249
Pflugerville, TX 78691   
NOTE: ADDRESS CHANGED TO ABOVE ON NOV 11 2015.  Use ONLY above address.

PLEASE NOTE:  Knife will be shipped to the Custom Shop by the owner.  -=BRS=- will not be responsible for lost or damaged product in transit.  

Shipping collected at checkout covers RETURN SHIPPING AND HANDLING ONLY!



PLEASE NOTE: you are choosing modifications for your existing product, you are not buying a knife, only modifications.

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