Triple Threat Sticker Kit

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The new BRS Triple Threat Sticker Kits have arrived!  Rep your favorite BRS balisongs and the BRS Crew through these fully customizable sticker kits.  Each kit comes with three graphic sticker knives that can be placed in any flipping position.  Each knife kit comes with its own set of "Easter Egg" graphics that represent the history, versions, and visual cues that are part of the identity and journey of the balisong.  

Each Triple Threat Kit comes with three (3) sticker sheets: Alpha Beast, Replicant, and Barebones.  (Note: Currently, we do not sell the sheets individually.)  This allows for an expansive array of uses and display options of each and every knife.  

Application tip: When positioning the knife we recommend placing the blade down first, then the handles over the blade.  If you use the latch sticker, place it on the handle first before final placement of the handle(s).  



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