Circa: 2016 (Jan)

Artist: BVK Knifeworks

Number Made: Run of Three 

Owner(s): Units 1 and  3 Undisclosed.  Unit 2 Trevor Oleary @oleary_761 (Swedge Spear / Compound Grind)

BVK Knife works took on the first Mutant Project of 2016.  After a very long period of no Mutant sightings, these 3.0s emerged from the workshop of BVK in amazing form.  Featuring a unique fade ano, dark wash blades, handle mods (divots between chevrons and at the back of handles for #1), and wicked BVK regrinds, these Alpha Beast fit right in with the Mutant heritage.  These are the first Mutants to be created from the 3.0 platform.  BVK completed three units in this series and each featured different grind and handle finishes.


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