1. We will work on any -=BRS=- product listed in the Custom Shop. We reserve the right to refuse to work on any knife made unserviceable by any work performed by another person or wear/damage caused by the owner.

2. The product(s) will be returned in the condition in which it was received. No refinishing services will be performed unless requested in writing or purchased in advance.

3. If the product(s) is received in unserviceable condition we will notify you of any refinishing costs necessary to perform the mods.  If these charges are declined we will return the knife and the owner will be responsible for return shipping/handling costs.

4) Knife will be shipped to the Custom Shop by the owner.  -=BRS=- will not be responsible for lost or damaged product in transit.  Shipping collected at checkout covers RETURN SHIPPING AND HANDLING ONLY!

5) Must include the receipt with all purchased modifications with the product.  Failure to do so may cause Custom Shop order to be delayed or

6) Turn around time is up to six (6) weeks from the time knife is received.  Additional refinishing services required may add to turn around time.

7) Prices and availability are subject to change on our website without notice.  This will not apply to orders already placed.

8) Custom Shop Orders for balisong products are only for United States customers only.  We cannot accept shipments from nor ship to international customers due to customs regulations and laws.  




PLEASE NOTE: you are choosing modifications for your existing product which you will need to send in to us to modify, you are not buying a knife, only modifications.

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